Every styling/design project requires a custom quote depending on what you need/want in your space - meaning that it's best to contact me so we can set up a call and get to talking about your space!

In the meantime, I will tell you a little about what most projects entail, and the rewilde process. 

What sets the Wilde Folk room designs apart from other interior styling is, I intentionally curate a room that is custom to you and your needs. We purposefully sort through what is currently working in a room, and what areas need a gentle face-lift.

Apart from the interior design elements, I also love empowering clients to create a more holistic, and environmentally conscious space by bringing in non-toxic and earth friendly products that are functional and absolutely beautiful in design. I strongly believe in the slow and steady approach when it comes to creating a low-tox house as implementing too many changes at once can not only be expensive, but also create an overwhelming transition process.

So let's dive into the Wilde Folk room refresh process, shall we?  After agreeing to work together, I will send over a few intake forms to figure out what your vision, goals, and budget are. We will then either schedule a call, or a walk-through to talk through your intake form and gather any additional information that is needed upon starting your project. 

I will then create a custom moodboard/inspiration board for your project, and the design style you are envisioning. This helps create a visual representation for what color palette I plan on incorporating into the space, and an overall feel for how we want your dream space to look. If something doesn't look to your taste, we will work together until we have your desired dream in moodboard form. 

Once the moodboard is approved, I then start creating a shopping list for your space. Some projects require a longer shopping list than others depending on what furniture and artwork you already have & want to keep. Shopping lists can also be super simple such as recommending a new statement rug, and some throw pillows to help reawaken the energy of a space again.

A big reason to work with a stylist when redesigning your space is they have trade discounts with specific brands. So instead of paying full price for your new Urban Outfitters headboard, rug and curtains I can save you 20% on your entire UO shopping cart. Trade discounts vary upon brand, so no discounts are guaranteed.

Depending on your needs, this is also the part where I recommend some sustainable ditch & switch options for your newly designed space. For example, I provide links regarding non-toxic candles, low-waste cleaning products, etc.

Once you approve your shopping list and purchase the desired items, I put together a quick mock-up of how the room can be staged. This is especially helpful for virtual clients as I'm unable to do a physical walk-through & styling session.  

 As previously mentioned, each client and room require a tailor-made plan to create the space of your dreams. There may be more or less steps requires in your project depending on your needs. 

To start rewilding your space, send me a message! I'd love to get the ball rolling!