We have taken the magical powers of Rose Hydrosol, and amped it up to another level by infusing it with crystals. Rose Hydrosol, different than the popular Rose Water, are known as floral waters, as it's the aromatic liquid left over after steam-distilling organic roses. You can expect the aroma to be rich, yet gentle, reminiscent of lush blooms opening in the early Summer.


How to Use

Rose Hydrosol is great to use on all skin types, especially those with sensitive or mature skin. You can use this potion as a toner, facial mist, body spray, or even a scalp mist to help soothe your dry locks and scalp. 

All you need to do, is shake before misting to infuse the hydrosol with the magical powers of the crystals. 

While using, take the time to perform a Self Love Ritual. Before or after misting yourself, place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly. Recite this mantra. "The biggest show of love I can give is by loving myself, first and foremost." Repeat as necessary.



100% organic, pure Rose Hydrosol 



Carnelian - Red/Orange stone that ignites a passion for living your life with confidence, ambition, courage, and vitality. The ancient Egyptians believed this stone to be blessed with feminine energy. Carnelian is linked to your sacral & root chakra thanks to it's deep red & orange hues. 

Rose Quartz - This light pink stone is widely known as the Love Stone. Need a little pick me up in the self-love department? This is your stone. Rose quartz offers unconditional love, and helps replace negative feelings with love and positivity. 

Colored Moonstone - This stone is known to harness Goddess energy, as it invites calm & peaceful energy within. When using this stone you may notice your intuition heighten, as it's associated with the crown chakra.