The Selenite Prayer Wand is a beautiful item that can be put to use in many ways. If you're new to crystals, Selenite is definitely one that you want to have in your spiritual tool box. It's known to clear stuck, unwanted energy from your body & personal space. You can use it almost like a metal detector, scanning the front & backside of your body to clear any stagnant energetic debris, allowing for a freer flow of energy within,

This crystal is not only a useful tool for healers, but also for anyone wanting a little extra protection or comfort from your Higher Self or Spirit Guides. Use this self-cleansing crystal as a prayer stick, to carry your intentions & thoughts to your Higher Self & beyond.

Each prayer wand is made by hand, and adorned with an array of florals depending on the season. Size of crystals and florals may vary from item to item. Selenite wands range from 3-5 inches tall. This listing is for one prayer stick.