Fall & Winter Perfumes

With the weather getting colder, I always crave changing up my signature scent for the season and figured I would give you the low-down of what scents I recommend for the colder months ahead. 

If you're anything like me, I prefer using lighter scents in the Summer (mainly because it's so hot in Texas that I feel like I'm suffocating if I use anything too rich), and a deeper more complex scent in the Winter months. 


So let's start with my favorite Autumn Signature Scents since technically it isn't Winter yet.

1. Wilde Coven - this seems like a given as it's inspired by all things witchy and October. But it can definitely be carried into the Holiday season, and even throughout Valentine's Day if desired as it has cinnamon oil in it which is super lusty and prosperous. 

2. Wilde Woman - I may be biased as this is pretty much my signature scent all year round, but there is something just so cozy, yet sexy about this potion. I like to think of it as the effortlessly cool girl. Likes to be a little florally, but also a little earthy. 

3. Amren - This is one of our newer perfumes from the A Court of Thorns and Roses + Wilde Folk launch. A customer one time described this scent as other-worldly and now I can't stop saying it as it truly fits the bill. This perfume is jasmine based with smoky notes of palo santo & cedarwood. I would describe this scent as mysteriously sexy.


Now let's get on to the Winter Scents.

1. Wilde Lover - this is the deeepest fragrance Wilde Folk offers. Super rich, aromatic, and for the people who want to be SEEN. Highly recommend for bold individuals who want to embody their sexiest, most luxe self.

2. Wilde Earth - This is a unisex blend that is earthy...if you couldn't tell by the name. If the Holidays throw you for a loop stress wise, I recommend trying out this blend for emotional support as all the ingredients are super grounding, and gentle. 

3. Wilde Bloom + Wilde Wood - I recommend this combo for anyone who suffers from the winter blues. Wilde Bloom is not only infused with citrine crystals (which is known as the "happy crystal", but it's also made with citrus & floral oils such as orange and neroli. Citrus oils are a great pick-me-up option when feeling sad, or needing that little pep in your step. However, in order to transition to a more complex, winter scent, I recommend layering Wilde Wood with it! The combo of citrus from Wilde Bloom and gentle notes of palo santo from Wilde Wood make it a great one-two punch to throw at winter blues.

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