Wilde Folk is an Austin-based small batch perfumery, that believes in using high quality, non-toxic ingredients. This belief came from a personal need, as owner & potion maker, Ceci Tucker, suffered from a plethora of health issues over her life, ranging from polycystic ovarian syndrome, to anxiety, migraines & gut dysbiosis. After seeing many doctors throughout her twenties, Ceci decided to take matters into her own hands and dive deep into holistic health. One of the first things she discovered in her journey, were the dangers of synthetic fragrances.

Synthetic fragrances, also called “parfum” or “fragrance”, are known to do a lot of bodily harm, especially to a women’s endocrine system. Not only are these toxic chemicals affecting your reproductive hormones, but they can trigger migraines, asthma, rashes, acne, and many more allergic reactions. Unfortunately, in America, the FDA does not require companies to disclose what’s in their synthetic fragrance formulas, as it’s said to be a “trade secret”. What most consumers don’t know, is that these “trade secrets” are potentially made up of thousands of chemicals including petroleum & carcinogens linked to cancer.

While attempting to ditch the toxins, and switch to more holistic alternatives, Ceci came to realize there was a big problem in the beauty industry. Too many companies were marketing themselves as “clean”, only to find out most of them continued to use synthetic fragrances in their products.

After years of learning about aromatherapy, wild crafting & essential oils, Ceci decided to create a brand dedicated to hormone healthy perfume oils. Wilde Folk products are made with sustainably harvested & ethically sourced ingredients, as we believe in the power of transparency & plant-based magic.