The power of herbal smoke has been used as a spiritual tool by many cultures as a way to cleanse spaces, facilitate sacred rituals, and even heal physical ailments. 

“Smudging” is a Native American tradition, where the burning of indigenous herbs, specifically White Sage, is used as a sacred element for ceremonial rituals. This practice in itself is extremely sacred, as even the member leading the smudging ceremony, had to have experience navigating the Spirit Realm. Therefore, smudging is an important symbol of Native American’s culture, faith and heritage. It’s important to leave this practice, and White Sage, to the professionals.

Smoke Cleansing on the other hand is a much more interpretive practice that can be performed by anyone. Similar to smudging, smoke cleansing is the practice of burning a bundle of dried, sustainable herbs & flowers, also known as a smoke wand.


These Mini Lavender & Sage Smoke Wands are sustainably made with Garden Sage, grown organically in Austin, Texas. 

Lavender is known to attract high vibrational energy, making it great to burn before meditation, or when moving into a new house/apartment. Sage, is a highly sacred herb, as mentioned before, as it’s known to be used for purification, healing and banishing negative energy. While White Sage is nearing the endangered species list due to its over-consumption in the wellness industry, Garden Sage is a sustainable option, especially for non-Indigenous folks.

How to Use

Start by lighting your smoke wand ablaze. Let it burn for about 30 seconds or so, and carefully blow out the fire. Let the smoke dance around your aura, and cleanse your energetic field. You can use the Lavender & Sage Mini Smoke Wand to cleanse a tarot deck, crystals, or even a new home. Burn with intention, and remember where this practice originated from.