Hi, I'm Ceci!

Alrighty, so I want this blog to feel as if I am hanging out with you and talking amongst some good food and kombucha. I in no way want it to feel like I am preaching to you or know everything about all things oils (as that is simply just not true), I just want it to be a place to learn and dive deeper into Wild Folk Magic. 

So let's get this BFF process started with a few facts about myself.

  1. I am 29 years old, and was born & raised in Austin, Texas. I went off to University at Colorado State University, where I studied Apparel Merchandising & Design. 
  2.  I got married last September in Colorado! Quickly after the wedding I cut A LOT of my hair off as I just couldn’t stand the tangles and weight of it anymore.
  3. My husband and I recently got a puppy, Juniper, and she is a BUNDLE OF ENERGY. I can’t wait for her immunizations to kick in so we can finally bring her to the park to run around.
  4.  I know every word to Technologic by Daft Punk thanks to my sister and I thinking it would be “really cool” to learn in middle school.
  5. I’m currently rebranding my business @littlepiecesofhope and changing it over to the #WildeFolk name 🌿
  6. I am 4 years alcohol free as of July 5!
  7. I am a 2 on the enneagram
  8. My favorite essential oil to work with is Vetiver. It blends well with just about anything!
  9. I did Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, which is what led me down this amazing journey of all things crystals, herbs and oils
  10. I’m a chocolate fiend. My favorite form of chocolate these days are Justin’s peanut butter cups.

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