Jasmine Folklore

JASMINE - a flower of seduction and mystery. This flower can also be referred to as "Queen of the Night" as it's flowers bloom at night time, encouraging the magic of the evening.

Magical Ways to Use Jasmine

  • Jasmine attracts spiritual love, love based on attraction to the soul, as opposed to physical love
  • Plant Jasmine near your home to bring happiness and abundance into the household
  • The jasmine flower is a natural aphrodisiac. Make your own romantic DIY bath salt mix with jasmine flowers
  • Needing to detox your third eye, and intuition. Drink up some Jasmine tea or rub a little bit of jasmine essential oil on your third eye (space between your eyebrows)
  • Cleanse your crystals with jasmine smoke or by simply placing them in a bowl of jasmine flowers.
  • Need some help with sleeping or relaxing your busy mind? Sniff some jasmine (whether it's the oil or dried buds)
  • Jasmine is known to be used for "moon magic" - I don't really know what that means, but I like the sound of it ;)

To learn more about Jasmine and its properties take a peek at this link I stumbled upon (where I got most of the information listed above)


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