Introducing Wilde Folk HoliDIY

Okay you guys...I have a confession... I'm not the biggest fan of the Holidays. As I even type that out I feel my face cringing with embarrassment. Don't get me wrong, Christmas as a kid was magical. My mom did an absolutely amazing job decorating our driveway full of Christmas lights, taking us to see the Nutcracker every year, and baking cookies while watching Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve. One of my favorite Christmas Day memories is when I woke up to a trampoline set up in our yard. Or maybe that one year where I got a longboard skateboard and spent the rest of the day outside tearing it up in my Jesus is my Homeboy t-shirt and braces. Yup, looking back it was as if our Christmases were straight out of a movie. (Thank you, Mom!!)


Sadly, as I got older things just changed. As I'm sure they did for you, too. College came, and it became hard to split up time between extended family, old friends, significant other's families, and our intimate family traditions. While some years were extremely hard to visit everybody, I like to think we did a pretty good job balancing it all. After college, things only got busier as I started to participate in Holiday Markets each weekend, launch heavily discounted prices for Black Friday deals, while also attempting to shop for everyone on my Christmas list. I almost forgot what it felt like to have a slow Holiday season...until this year. 


This year has been hard in so many ways. However, it's also given me the permission to slow down and re-create those intimate family traditions that my Mom started with us. I know a lot of us will be separated from family & loved ones this year, including myself, but what's to stop us from creating those magical moments that we remember loving so much? Which is how I got to creating a mini Wilde Folk HoliDIY series. Full of crafts you can do at home (on a budget) and gift to loved ones via snail mail, or keep for yourselves to create a cozy environment for your home. 


This year has been a permission slip to let us remember what really matters in our lives. Or at least that's how I like to think of it. To toss aside all the chaos of consuming, and to slow down. I hope this mini series helps to remind you to take the time to slow down, and create something that is full of love and magic. 

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