Plastic Free July - Kitchen Edit

Alright, I know it's two days passed July, however I wanted to get this info out there for anyone who is curious in creating a more eco-friendly home! Last post was about a plastic-free bathroom, so now I'm going to talk about a few plastic free kitchen products! Again, I don't recommend going out and buying everything all at once as it's usually expensive to make the swaps all at once. Plus, I would hate for you to get overwhelmed with the shopping experience and give up on it all together. So let's get to it, shall we?


1. Ditch the plastic ziploc baggies and opt for the ziploc recyclable bags OR stasher bags. I know stasher bags require a certain level of patience as you have to wash them in between uses, and they can also be expensive, BUT they are great for meal prepping or even freezing fruit & veggies for smoothies! We started our Stasher bag collection by asking for some on our wedding registry. Year by year we added 1-2 bags and now we have about 6 or so (some have mysteriously disappeared throughout the years!)

2. I'm a BIG fan of these biodegradable dish washing brushes instead of your traditional plastic sponge! Not only do they look super cute once displayed, but they can be tossed in the compost after they have reached their lifespan. There are also a wide variety of these scrubbers so if you don't like one, keep looking for another style! Package Free Shop (among many other zero waste shops) also offer bundles like this one, which I highly recommend!

3. Now, I haven't tried this option before as I'm using up the last of my plastic bottle of dish soap, however I'm adding this to my list for future use... Plastic Free dish-soap! Like the dish scrubbers, there seem to be many options of plastic free soaps! You could try a round soap bar, a refillable soap (like this one from Blueland or even this one from Package Free shop)

4. Another sneaky source of plastic in the kitchen - dishwasher cleaner pods. A great alternative for this is a completely plastic free "pod" like this one from Blueland. I love how I can re-order refills that come in compostable packaging, and I never have to worry about microplastics within our pods!

5. One of the last options I'm going to share today is a great source of Paper Towels. For me, when I swap to an earth friendly product, I need it to fit within our routine. A product that requires more upkeep usually doesn't last too long in our day-to-day life. For example, I know "un-paper towels" are super popular, and while I do make sure to have cute hand towels to dry off my hands in between washes, I couldn't never make these un-paper towels work in our kitchen routine. Unfortunately I never had the discipline to keep up with a washing schedule, meaning it caused more stress than joy as it added another chore to my to-do list. However, I did find a plastic-free, earth friendly paper-towel from Who Gives A Crap. Zero plastic within their packaging and shipping, and they are made up of forest friendly plants (bamboo and sugarcane!)


So there you have it! A very beginner friendly list of plastic free products for your kitchen!! Hope you enjoy!! 

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