Seed Cycling with Funk It Wellness

I have some exciting news...I am a Funk It Wellness ambassador! Now, you may be asking what Funk It Wellness is, and just you wait...I'm about to give you the low down on this amazing woman-owned, hormone healthy company.

I first heard of Funk It Wellness while listening to an episode of the Maddie Miles podcast, titled "How Seed Cycling Can Save Your Hormones" featuring Kate Morton, the co-founder and Registered Dietitian of Funk It. This episode came to me at a time where I was actively researching how to help nourish my hormones, due to having free spirited period that never wanted to show up, and extreme PCOS symptoms. Needless to say, about half way into the podcast episode I was sold, and jumped on the seed cycling band wagon. 

How to eat with your cycle - foods for seed cycling - cycle overview


So, what exactly is seed cycling? Seed cycling the practice of eating specific types of seeds throughout different times of your menstrual cycle. Doing so helps deliver micronutrients to your body, ultimately helping relieve PMS symptoms, and making your hormones happy. The super hero seeds include pumpkin, flax, sesame and sunflower. However, there are a few tips you need to remember when incorporating these seeds into your diet. 

1. Make sure the seeds are ground up, rather than whole, allowing for easier absorption. One of the many reasons I love Funk It, is the seeds come pre-ground allowing for maximum absorption and freshness. Plus it saves you time in the kitchen, which is always nice for those chaotic moments.

2. Store your seeds in the fridge, as it helps preserve the micronutrients within. 

3. For best results, eat your seeds consistently! Funk It offers a monthly subscription, meaning they automatically ship out your seeds right as you are about to run out of your current bag. If you need to adjust your subscription, you have the option to pause, reschedule, or cancel all together. 

4. Know what part of your cycle you are in, so you can take the according seeds to help nourish your hormones. Funk It makes it super easy and provides instructions on each bag in case you forget what seeds you're supposed to take at what time. Take the Nurture Blend for phase 1 of your cycle, and the Radiate Blend for phase 2. 

If you are transitioning into the years of no longer having a cycle, Funk It also has a special seed blend just for you - Revitalize

While I'm still working with doctors to bring back my free-spirited period, I have consistently been nourishing my hormones with Funk It Wellness seeds for over 6 months now, and don't plan on quitting anytime soon. I love the extra dose of fiber, fat, and subtle crunch it adds to my meals. 

 If you feel called to try Funk It seeds for yourself, I have an affiliate link where you can save some money! Shop Here & use the "WILDEFOLK" coupon code to save 20% on your first order!

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