New Moon in Libra (10.06.21)

Happy New Moon, Wilde Ones!

I just recently purchased the Spirit Daughter Moon Journals and thought I would share a bit about what I have learned so far regarding the New Moon in Libra.

As Spirit Daughter so beautifully explains it, New Moons are powerful gateways for transformation, that are absolutely abundant with potential and opportunity. They bring us clarity, insight, and a heightened intuition that allow us to write intentions to represent our soul's truest desires.  

A common theme for this Libra New Moon is relationships. Now is the time to take inventory of the relationships in your life and decide on how you wish to nourish them, or move forward without them. 

When reviewing your relationships, think of how you feel after interacting with that person. Do you feel fulfilled, inspired, loved, and/or listened to? Or do you feel limited, ignored, or even downright exhausted after hanging out with them? Now is the time to empower yourself to either bring balance into the partnership, or see that it's no longer serving you and walk away. I recently have had the realization that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Which is completely heartbreaking for me, as I don't like change and will avoid it at all costs. However,  we sometimes come together with specific people to work on karmic patterns and/or attachments. We can learn, heal, and even evolve in particular partnerships. These friendships may last a short while, a few years, or even a lifetime. But now is the time to know, it's okay to move on from a relationship when it has run its course. "Even if it's challenging to step into the unfamiliar territory of solitude, it may be better than staying in a relationship that no longer supports both people's journey" - Spirit Daughter

Here are a few questions that may help when taking inventory of your current relationships.

+ Do you feel you are giving too much?

+ Do you feel supported?

+Do you feel like you are always compromising your dreams (or time) for someone else's? 


Another relationship to take inventory on is the relationship with yourself! Perhaps even make a vision board for what you want your relationship to be with your future self. I know I am always practicing being more gentle with myself, as I tend to be my worst critic at times. I would love to invite in more self-love, more compassion, and more balance for my future self. In your vision board, or visualization practice, imagine what it would take to create and maintain inner harmony. Would it include a daily meditation practice? Or perhaps a few moments to write up a gratitude list each night. Your intentions will help call in the vibrations you need to create your dreams. Some of these intentions will come to fruition by the next full Moon, others will come into your life over the next sixth months, or year. 

If you are interested in learning more about the moon cycles, and the zodiac energies I highly recommend looking into the Spirit Daughter Moon Journals! I have been a Spirit Daughter instagram follower for years, but only now purchased my very first moon journal and I couldn't be more excited to continue this little ritual of learning and manifesting. 


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