I'm sure y'all are WELL AWARE of the magical date today...02/22/2022. Some people are even calling it TWOsday....which I have to admit I freakin love as I'm a big sucker for puns. While I thought I was coming up with an original idea of offering a 22% off sale this week, turns out A LOT of companies have sent me emails offering the same exact discount. Guess I'm not as original as I thought!

However, I wanted to provide an additional offering for this magical day as I have been feeling rather "off" lately and love any excuse to tap back into connection with my higher self/The Universe. So let's get to it! 6 easy ways to connect to the magickal frequency that 2/22/22 offers.


First, let's set the mood. I like to create a little space and light some Palo Santo (sustainably & ethically sourced...OF COURSE). Palo always grounds me, and makes me feel as if the space I'm entering is energetically ready for magic to occur. #HIGHVIBESSSS

If you're sensitive to smoke, we have a cleansing spray just for you. This is actually why our Refresh Aura Spray exists! I was at this manifesting workshop and had a fellow attendee ask if there was an alternative cleansing method as she was asthmatic and didn't like the idea of smoke being waved around her. A few days later, I came up with a few varieties of aura sprays that are crystal infused and made with plant based ingredients that have similar cleansing properties as palo and sage.

Next up, let's apply some Wilde Folk perfume oil. I grabbed my Wilde Magic option today, but other grounding scents include the Wilde Wood, and Wilde Woman. 

Not only do these essential oil based perfumes smell divine (I may be biased), they also help me quiet my sometimes very loud monkey mind and give me the ability to dive deep and prepare for manifesting.

My favorite way to apply the Wilde Folk perfume oils when I am in need of a pick-me-up, or a come-to-Jesus pep talk, is to roll the desired oil directly into the palm of my hands. I then rub my palms together, form a cup shape with them and gently bring close to my face to inhale. I take a few moments to breathe deeply.

This step can be modified, as I know not everyone is as woo-woo as me and have multiple oracle/tarot decks on hand. However, I love the power of a good card pull. Whenever I am all up in my head, and need a little nudge of which direction to go, I use my oracle decks. Before pulling a card, I shuffle the deck, and ask my angels of my highest good to provide me with guidance. Feel free to google this topic if you want a more in-depth technique. I like my card pulls to be simple, and low maintenance. 
If you don't have a oracle deck, feel free to use the card I pulled today! 
I used my Rebecca Campbell "The Starseed Deck" and pulled a beautiful card titles "You're not Alone - Isolation. Physical Connection. Community" 
"The older soul, the deeper the cave. Many starseeds and old souls enjoy their own company. Spending time alone can be comforting and necessary for their vitality, as it allows them to commune with their soul and fill up their energetic resources - especially if they have an underactive or open root chakra or find it hard being human. 
Many Starseeds find it more nourishing to retreat than to spend their time in meaningless conversations and relationships. However, we must remember that we're not here to go about this life alone. Humans are pack animals and we all need the love, company, and support of others. Both emotionally and physically. 
In our increasingly online world, we can be "connected" to more people and yet feel more alone and isolated than ever. There's still so much we don't know about the energetic side effects of things like social media, with so many people knowing our "news" What is it doing to our auric field?
Commonly, we find ourselves in constant conversation, yet lacking the genuine connection of physical community and touch. The main message of this card is to step out of your cave and physically reach out to those in your life. To replenish when you need to but not isolate yourself. This could be seeing friends and family who live nearby or having a regular catch-up walk with someone. In what ways can you open yourself up to the people who are physically in your life? Those you truly know."

I learned a new journaling technique recently from Katie J of Womanifester, and I am loving it! 

The first page you journal whatever you need/want to. Just write what needs to come out. 

The next page is all about gratitude. Give thanks to things that bring you joy and love. When showing gratitude and saying thanks to the Universe, it puts you in the right energetic state to manifest with ease...which is what the next page will be all about. Plus you will realize even if you are in a horribly, no-good, rotten mood, your gratitude list is always longer than you think. 

The last page is all about manifesting, baby! Write out what things/events/people you want to call into your life. Again, if you need help with manifesting I recommend looking into Katie's Womanifester page/podcast!

There can be a million different ways to meditate. While the traditional version may be cross legged, with your eyes closed, you can meditate in a variety of shapes. I personally like to lay down and listen to my Insight Timer app. Other times I sit down and just count my breaths. Meditation looks different to everyone!

The main thing I want you to focus on today is concentrating on what you manifested. Think about what it would FEEL like for all your manifestations to come true. 

For example, if you are manifesting a raise at work, close your eyes and imagine that raise coming to fruition. Imagine seeing it in your bank account, and how you would feel. Imagine the ease in paying bills, and buying the treat-yourself-items thanks to this extra abundance. Imagine. Feel. Breathe. 


Last step - go outside in nature! Listen to the birds chirp. Gaze up at the clouds in the sky. Walk barefoot in the grass. Do whatever your heart fancies. Take a moment to observe - see what's going on around you. Mother Nature is far wiser than we will ever be. Let Her guide you and show you that magic is all around. 


There you have it!

Happy 2/22/22 day!! 



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