Libido Friendly Essential Oils

When making the Wilde Folk perfume oils, I was really inspired by the idea of seduction and feminine energy...probably because I (and the world we live in) mainly operate in a masculine energy environment. Now before I get nasty comments about feminine energy, I want to clarify a few things. Everyone, no matter their pronouns, or gender, have both masculine & feminine energy. 

A few examples of masculine energy include being in a logical, protective, goal driven mindset. While feminine energy is focused more on intuition, creativity, and being in the flow of life. 

If you want to learn more about these energy types give it a good ol' google. You'll find some really cool things! We also talk about this type of stuff in our Wilde Women of Business Facebook group!

When I decided to make the new perfume oils, I wanted to create plant based fragrances that made people feel empowered, sexy, sultry and confident. I wanted to use essential oils that not only smelled good, but made people feel good! 

While doing my research, I found that there are more than just a few essential oils that help put your nervous system at ease and allow for you to step into your feminine power. 

These oils include 

+ Ylang Ylang (can be found in our Wilde Honey blend)

+ Sandalwood (can be found in our Wilde Honey blend)

+ Lavender (can be found in our Wilde Luna blend and Wilde Woman blend *about to be released soon!)

+ Cinnamon (can be found in our Wilde Coven blend *seasonal)

+ Jasmine (can be found in our Wilde Lover, Wilde Magic and Wilde Bloom blends)

+ Black Pepper

+ Ginger

+ Rose

+ Vanilla (can be found in our Wilde Honey blend)


 If you have one of these Wilde Folk blends and are looking to step into your sensual, feminine power try the recommendations below!

+ Apply perfume oil directly to your pulse points (behind ears, front/back of neck, wrists, chest, and even inside ankles) Could be fun to apply perfume oil to your partner or have them apply it to you!

+ Apply perfume oil to the palms of your hands, and cup your hands in front of your nose. Close your eyes and take a few deeps breaths. Allow yourself to take a step back from your masculine energy, and allow yourself to flow freely.

+ Take the remaining perfume oil from the palm of your hands, and apply to the ends of your hair. The ultimate natural diffuser. It won't get your hair greasy...I promise!



So there you have it! A nice, Valentine's Day inspired post for you.




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