I don't know about y'all, but I get HYPED for Earth Day. My mom actually calls me her "little Earth Fairy” as I seem to treat every day as if it's Earth Day. I love figuring out ways to better my every day routine to create a more environmentally conscious lifestyle that is healthy for me, and kind to Planet Earth. However, I know not everyone gets that thrill from finding zero-waste, non-toxic products…in fact it can sometimes be overwhelming to research and sift through all the greenwash marketing. 
Which is why I put together a very easy, and simple list of my favorite low-waste, earth-friendly products. So if you're feeling a little earthy, and wanting to make a difference in your every day routine, I encourage you to ditch and switch your products one item at a time. No need to do it all at once! I repeat, no need to do it all at once! Take your time, use up your current products, and when you run out, make the change to one of these low waste items instead!
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Bamboo Toothbrush - Earthling Co - Save 20% with the code "EARTH"
Plastic Free Hand Soap Tablets - Blueland Co.
Compostable Sponge - Earthling Co - Save 20% with the code "EARTH"
Plastic Free Dish Soap Tablets - Blueland Co.
Who Gives a Crap Paper Towels 

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